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Secrets of Gardening

Here you can learn how to turn your yard into a dream place for relaxing and entertaining and find help how to get started with your landscape and perennial garden.

You’ll find guides and get tips and tricks on how to create beautiful landscapes and gardens. I also share my gardening techniques and introduce the best tools and products for your garden’s success.

Hi, I'm Mari

A passionate gardener who loves diy projects. Living in Seattle area, Pacific Northwest, in growing zone 7. Once again I’m creating a garden and this time my yard is shy acre. You can follow along as I learn more and my garden grows. 

I found out that a landscape project can give 120% return for your investment on top of the value of your house. Actually many gardening and landscaping projects are easy and fun to do. My mission is to help and show, how you can do them too.

As a busy mom of two little girls, life can be hard sometimes. My garden is a heaven for me where time freezes and I’ll find my  balance.

Turning a yard into a garden is the human purest satisfaction. Even the God Almighty after creating the world, he first planted The Garden Of Eden.


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