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Secrets of Gardening

This site is created to help you with your home landscape and new perennial garden. Here you can learn how to turn your yard into a relaxing oasis to the middle of this hectic world.

You can read guides and get tips and tricks how to create a beautiful landscape and garden. I also share my gardening techniques and introduce the best tools and products for your gardens’ success.

Meet Mari

I’m a passionate gardener living in Seattle area, pacific Northwest, in growing zone 7. Once again I’m creating a garden and this time my yard is a shy acre.

Turning a yard into a garden is the human purest satisfaction. Even the God Almighty in the middle of the hassle of creating Adam and Eve, he first planted a paradise.

As a busy mom of two little girls, life can be hard sometimes. For me, gardening brings balance and deep satisfaction to it.

I found out that working together with nature have great powers of healing, which can benefit everyone of us. My mission is to spread this message as wide as possible.


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